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Precision Rotary Cutting Dies and Rotary Tooling

CNC Turning Services
Professional, experienced CNC Turning Engineers

Sophisticated CNC Precision Engineering providing a variety of drilling and
CNC Milling Services

Re-sharpening and Repair Services

Our engineers Repair Cutting Dies and regularly perform the Re-sharpening of Rotary Cutting Dies

Manufacturers of Precision Rotary Cutting Dies and Rotary Tooling

For more than 37 plus years 'Double R Engraving' have been dedicated to the professional manufacturing and custom design of high quality Precision Rotary Cutting Dies and Rotary Tooling, geared towards international and worldwide markets from our factory based in the United Kingdom. We have a 'highly qualified' team of experienced CAD designers, skilled Cutters, specialist craftsmen and technical engineers available to assist and advice at every stage of the design and build process

Cutters Design and Refurbishment

Our CNC Turning Services can shape the material and clearly defined the geometry of your unique components with single-point or multipoint cutting tools

Using our innovative 'state of the art' manufacturing techniques combined with the latest CAD/CAM computer software and systems, our practiced engineers can construct precision Rotary Cutting Dies with an accurate Cutter profile, delivering a superior, longer living, reliable product with CNC Turning Services

Rotary Cutting Die
Re-sharpening and Repair

Re-sharpening and Repair

Our competent engineers Repair Cutting Dies and regularly perform the Re-sharpening of Rotary Cutting Dies, even Damaged Cutters which may be decommissioned by many companies

Providing our customers with an extended life span for their products and 'value for money' while delivering a cost effective solution. For more information, contact our Cutter Repairs team

CNC Turning Services

Double R Engraving has professional CNC Turning Services operate across many different industries, producing parts using the latest technology and CNC manufacturing systems and CAD technology in developing high quality Precision Machining Parts and bespoke Turned Components. We also manufacture of Vacuum Anvil Cylinders and Vacuum Anvil with Shafts

CNC Turning Services
Bolt On Shell Die

Bolt On Shell Die

Double R Engraving now have the capacity to manufacture Bolt on Shell Die in house for all types on industries

Robust and Reliable Industrial Tooling / Parts

Sheeters and Tooling
Print Cylinders
Medical Cutters
CNC Turning
Air Eject Tool
Sleeve Tea Bag Cutters
Rotary Anvils
Tea Cutters
Sprocket Tools
healthcare Cutters
Liquid Transfer Cylinder

Precision CNC Turning Center

Our team of highly skilled engineers offer a wide and varied range of CNC Machining Services and will build your custom Turned Parts using our sophisticated 3 dimensional cutting tools at our professional Milling Centers

Turning Components

CNC Turning engineers will build your custom Components at our specialist milling services centers based in the UK and we deliver worldwide

CNC Turning Machine

Tea Bag Cutters

High quality professional Tea Cutters manufacturing your Rotary Die for worldwide delivery. We also provide Tea Bag Cutter Repair and Refurbishing services

Liquid Transfer Cylinder

Our Liquid Transfer Cylinder are a powerful, extremely reliable and low cost Rotary Tooling which is custom designed to match your unique specifications

Medical Cutters

Manufacturer of professional, high quality Replacement Medical Cutters providing specialist and individual shapes/formations for the Healthcare Industry

Rotary Anvils

Specialist in the manufacture of unique profiling for the Tooling Industry plus we offer re sharpening, minor alterations and refurbishment of Rotary Anvils

Sprocket Tools / Gears

Manufactures of industrial Sprocket Tools developed using our CNC Manufacturing Techniques by our in house experienced and skilled engineers

Vacuum Dies

International custom Vacuum Die Manufacturing. Industrial Tooling developed with accurate, durable, high quality machine parts for efficient and reliable

High Quality Tooling

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  • First Class' customer relations
  • Steadfast delivery 'worldwide'
  • Competitive prices
  • High quality tooling suppliers
  • Technical Support
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Pro specialists in shape/design
  • Repair and Refurbishing
  • Replacement Parts

If you would like more information about our extensive range of specialist services, product design and manufacturing please contact us by email or telephone: UK +44 (0) 1474 537109

COVID-19 UPDATE 14th April 2020

As part of the supply chain for the Medical and the Food & Beverages industries, Double R Engraving are currently still open and operating as per normal procedure. We are working at full capacity, with a full head count of staff attending work daily. Extra materials have been administered in the workshop, such as PPE including gloves, masks, anti-bacterial surface cleaner and hand sanitiser, in order to retain good hygiene standards and minimise risk of staff absence and person-person transmission. We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders, alongside a reduction in services of our hardening process, and therefore production/lead times may be slightly longer than usual. We would like to reassure you that all orders are being completed as quickly as possible

Like all businesses across the UK, we are closely monitoring the outbreak and adhering to the guidelines provided by the Government & Public Health England. If at any moment we believe our operational status to be changed, we will email customers immediately

For any further information or queries, please contact the Office on 01474 537109. As the situation changes, updates will also be posted on our website

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