Manufacturing Rotary Tea Bag Cutters

The Manufacturing of Tea Bag Cutters used in the industrial production of Tea Bags. What ever the design and formation of your profile we can produce a Rotary die to suit using our skilled CNC techniques together with CAD/CAM systems to perfect and maintain a precise Tea Cutter profile. Our standards deliver a high grade solid rotary die and tooling

Tea Bag Cutters Suppliers/Manufacturer

During the Manufacturer process our skilled CAD designers and machine operators will adjust the extreme precision cutting depth to match your unique specifications. As your Suppliers, we can also provide Replacement Tea Bag Cutters matching your existing Tea Cutter profile

Repair Bag Cutters and Replacement Cutters / Refurbishing Rotary Die

Our skilled engineers frequently Repair Tea Cutters which may be damaged or decommissioned by some companies, providing a further service life for your Cutter which can be cost effective to your production. If you would like a Refurbishing Rotary Die quotation, please contact us for more information

Rotary Tea Bag Cutters

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